Zeitgenössische Architektur in Bayern

Cecchetto & Associati

Architekten | Innenarchitekten

Projects justified by places.

Architecture that grows out of it setting, specially designed fora particular place.setting up complex relationship between buildings and the sorrounding environment.The skeletal outlines of vines, a viaduct trees… Whatever is there.

Each site is made up of signs that convey values and contradictions.These signs are a structural code of the area with whish the architectural projects sets up a dialogue. The signs are living traces, a lexicon made of matteta dictionary of time-created layers, ready to e used in expressing new meanings.

I can plan a project only if I am able to read and decipher these signs. But the contrary is also true:I am unable tu fully understand the signs until I develop a project. Project select the formal values of the chosen sites, and transmute them into a new synthesis:this results in a new and indipendent assessment of the site. its physical and social history.

My projects manipulate composite materials:vineyards, piles of bottles, the bends of a river. the inclinations and curves of a viaduct. Projects thus absorb the energies of their settings and traslate them into volumes of light and air, creating portions of space enclosed by walls of stone or cement, windows roofs of metal or wood.

The projects must work their way throught twists and turns, confronting contradictions diversity and complexity without losing their sense of purpose… Without a loss of focus, always remembering that a good project continues it existence beyond its blocks of stone, into time…
Projects of places.