Zeitgenössische Architektur in Bayern

Let's go circular

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Die Fakultät für Architektur der Technischen Universität München (TUM) lädt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Generalkonsulat der Niederlande und der TU Delft zur Konferenz Let´s go circular!.

Ort: Vorhoelzer Forum der TUM, Arcisstraße 21, München, 16.00 bis 21.00 Uhr.
Konferenzsprache: Englisch. Anmeldung bis 02.10.

Did you know...
... that he German construction industries require about 550 million tons of mineral raw materials in a year?
... and that those industries produce 200 million tons of waste?
... or that this sector is responsible for 40% of the energy consumption, 35% of the CO2 emissions?
These are just some of the findings in the recent study on circular building carried out by Bayern Innovativ.

It's time to go circular!


16.00-16.30h Keynote by Dr. Thomas Rau (Material Matters)
16.30-17.30h 3 lectures on policy (Wytze Kuijper, Cirkelstad), architecture (Mathias Lehner, Royal Institute of Dutch architects BNA) and industry-university collaboration (Tillmann Klein, CBE Hub, University of Technology in Delft)
17.30-18.00h Break & networking
18.00-19.00h Moderated discussion engaging speakers, presenting companies and audience
19.00-21.00h Flying dinner, networking and poster presentations
Confirmed posters: Drees & Sommer, EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer, Madaster, Nationaal Duurzaamheid Instituut / GSES System, Terra Institute, TUM.Wood