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Back in 2010 GRAFTIES and the SOLARKIOSK team had the idea, together with Andreas Spiess, to create a clean, local and intelligent energy system for rural off-grid areas. In 2011 they founded SOLARKIOSK GmbH and by now there are several kiosks installed in Ethiopia with many more to follow in Kenya within the next weeks.

The SOLARKIOSK is designed as a highly optimized kiosk with solar panels on top. Once installed, it becomes a compact, affordable and sturdy shop offering energy, products, tools and services.

SOLARKIOSK will substitute extremely expensive unclean energy with low-priced and clean solar power and give access to information for future growth of rural communities.

Last week the SOLARKIOSK project got nominated for the "Innovation for Development – Prize" of CDG (Carl Duisburg Gesellschaft)!

Please help SOLARKIOSK to win this award for sustainable companies who are engaged in "win-win" business in developing countries!

Please click on Solarkiosk and then "vote". THANK YOU!

Lars, Wolfram, Thomas, all the GRAFTIES and the SOLARKIOSK team