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Online-Umfrage zur Kreativwirtschaft

Online-Umfrage zur Kreativwirtschaft

Die europäische Kommission hat eine Online-Befragung gestartet, die helfen soll, das neue Finanzierungsinstrument für die Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft im EU-Förderprogramm CREATIVE EUROPE 2014-2020 mitzugestalten...

In the years to come, Europe will be investing more than ever in its cultural and creative sectors. The reasons for this are the intrinsic value of culture and creativity, and also because these sectors contribute significantly to economic growth, employment, innovation and social cohesion.

In various studies, access to finance has been pointed out as a core barrier to growth for many cultural and creative companies. The European Commission wants to take action to tackle this problem. However, insufficient data on the sector's actual financing needs currently hinder effective policy making. This is why we want to hear from you.

As a part of a larger study, a European online survey targeting organizations in the cultural and creative sectors will be running until mid-March 2013. The aim of the survey is to get a unique insight into the financing needs and access to finance of the diverse palette of cultural and creative organizations across Europe.

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